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Welcome to NCRR SEPA – Safe and Effective Pesticide Applications.

Welcome to NCRR SEPA – Safe and Effective Pesticide Applications.

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Pesticides Pesticides are mixtures of compounds used to ward off or kill pests. Commercial grade pesticides are proprietary mixes of synthetically produced compounds however some pesticides occur naturally. Natural pesticides can even be biological organisms such as bacterium. Types of Pesticides Current legislature demands that pesticides be classed according to their active ingredients and the particular pests that they deal with. The most common types […]

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What to Know Before Use How successful a pesticide is at eradicating pests depends on how it is used. The factors which govern how to use a pesticide are; The type of pest you wish to deal with, The environment that the pest thrives in, Your preferred method of delivery, The equipment available for you to use in delivering the pesticide. Control measures required to […]


Health and Safety Important – You must remember that most pesticides are poisons. They are designed to be lethal to pests while causing as little damage as possible to mammals and other plants however in high enough doses and if used incorrectly then can be hazardous to individuals and the environment. The most important factors to consider when using pesticides safely is to select the […]


Environmental Impact Of Pesticides Pesticides can travel far from where they were originally applied. They drift in the wind when sprayed in gardens or can run off into streams and rivers when washed away by rainfall. In some cases the pesticides will remain there for years and go from one organism to another. Selective pesticides are only dangerous to their targeted pests however non-selective pesticides […]

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Pesticide Use In Australia

Pesticide Use In Australia – A Look At Past, Current and Future Trends Pesticide use in Australia has been increasing from early 1990s to-date. This has brought about numerous benefits to urban as well as rural settings due to the fact that dangerous and annoying creatures have been kept under control. But there have been challenges as well. Cases of pests becoming resistant to chemicals […]

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Welcome to NCRR SEPA – Safe and Effective Pesticide Applications.