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Seclira Has Become A Popular Choice For Pest Controllers 

Seclira From BASF Has Become A Popular Choice For Pest Controllers

Industry Spotlight on Seclira

Seclira From BASF

Pest Control has been a rapidly growing industry for quite a while now. Everyone is looking for the next big thing when it comes to keeping the pests out of their homes and yards. Well, that next big thing could be Seclira. Many pest control companies seem to be using it.

Seclira is a lot of firsts for the pest control industry. It is the first non-staining, odorless, broad-spectrum and non-repellent general insect control product.

How Seclira Works

Unlike other pest control substances that are made of sprays or liquids or powders, Seclira from BASF is a granule based pesticide. The granules are mixed inside water and dissolve into an odorless mix that can be used indoors and outdoors.

The first benefit to having the water soluble formulation is that the granules dissolve completely clearly. It’s to the point where you might not even know there were granules of insecticide inside of the water in the first place. However, the dissolving of the insecticide in the water means that there is no stain after the chemical is applied.

Most of the time there is a stain after an indoor or outdoor area is treated with insecticides, but Seclira is clear. No odor, no stain, and aside from a bit of water there is no mess! Additionally, instead of targeting just one type of insect, Seclira attracts and kills several types of insects. This includes spiders, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, and mosquitoes.

Finally, if you have gel bait that is designed to remove ants, cockroaches, and other creatures, you might be a little wary about spraying the area containing the bait with the Seclira spray. However, the spray doesn’t affect the bugs feeding on the gel bait. Therefore, you will get a powerful two for one punch when it comes to killing all those pests!

Non Repellant and Untraceable

One of the problems that other insecticides have is that they repel insects whenever they are used. This might get them out of the infested area, but often times it will also send them into other areas of the home or yard. This will at least let everyone know that you have some type of bug problem. read more

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Pesticides and Sustainable Pest Management

Pesticides and Sustainable Pest Management

A Comprehensive Guide For Consumers

Sustainable Pest Management

The use of pesticides on crops and agriculture is nothing new. We have been employing pesticides to take care of these problems for decades now. However, things have changed recently and pesticide usage on undesirable insects in and around our homes and gardens has sparked a sustainable revolution.

Toxins have migrated from farmlands to the vegetable department of the grocery store, and consumers are emphasizing the need for organic and sustainable strategies to replace these poisons with healthier alternatives. The country and people have opened their eyes and are asking for safer options when it comes to eliminating pests.

A focused technique of only destroying the insect that is causing the harm has supplanted the long-held belief that removing all insects, good and bad, will boost crop yields. No longer do people want to kill all insects regardless of if they impact their plants or not.

Additionally, people are asking for green, sustainable pest management options to take care of their plants and the planet as well. All of this has created a huge demand of new products and processes in the pest management industry.

Modern Pesticides

Pest management and control is becoming a more diversified science, with hundreds of different management options to choose from. What once was a very straightforward and simple process and procedure has grown more complicated – but healthier for residents, plants, and the entire planet.

Traditional Pesticides

Traditional pesticides made of synthetic chemicals, which were first used in World War II, are actually a relatively new advance in the long-running war against pests and parasites. However, prior to the introduction of synthetic pesticides, the constant invasion of pests was met with a gradual, never-ending struggle of simple tools and natural chemicals.

Taking care of pests isn’t only about spraying them and plants with chemicals now though. In fact, pest control tactics have now developed into management – rather than purely elimination –  solutions. Companion planting to chemical sterilizing treatments are just a few of the chemical pest control tactics available. read more

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Pesticides In The Urban Environment

Pesticides In The Urban Environment

What Is The Impact Of Dangerous Pesticide?

Impacts of pesticides in the environment

There is no doubt that pesticides work wonders in preventing the spread of insect pests that can negatively impact wildlife and agriculture. However, there are dangers about these products that should be observed and avoided.

Over the years, the impact of pesticides in major cities has been an area of great concern. In Australian state of New South Wales, pesticide use is controlled by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). Local exterminator, Adam Love from Pro Pest Control Sydney says certain products have proven to be dangerous and have even been banned in particular parts of the country. Meanwhile, a whole slew of healthy, green alternatives have popped up in the market place and have become more and more popular for city governments and consumers as well.

What is the impact of dangerous pesticides and what is being done to combat the damage they can do in big cities?

Impact of pesticides in the urban environment

Pesticides are undeniably very helpful to keep plants and food safe from pests that could spread filth, disease, and death. Over the last few generations, pesticides have worked wonders for the way that we grow, store, and consume our food. However, it cannot be ignored that they can also be very dangerous to humans and animals if used in the wrong way.

Pesticides are poisonous substances that are released into the environment on purpose. Despite the fact that each pesticide is designed to kill a specific bug, a considerable percentage of pesticides end up somewhere other than their intended target. When pesticides flow off from fields, leave storage tanks, are not properly removed, and are sprayed aerially, they can readily pollute the air, land, and water. You can read more about the Regulatory Impact Statement Proposed Pesticides Regulation of 2009 here.

What impact do pesticides have on urban areas in our country?


Ground water, streams, rain, rivers, lakes, and seas all contain pesticides.

Pesticides can enter the water in four different ways. It has the potential to drift outside of the spraying area, seep through the soil, be transported as runoff, or be spilled accidently. read more

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Pesticide Use In Australia

Pesticide Use In Australia – A Look At Past, Current and Future Trends

Pesticide use in Australia has been increasing from early 1990s to-date. This has brought about numerous benefits to urban as well as rural settings due to the fact that dangerous and annoying creatures have been kept under control. But there have been challenges as well. Cases of pests becoming resistant to chemicals and concerns about the environmental impact of this activity have triggered several debates.

The fact however remains, a wide presence of professionals who help administer pesticides professional has played a big role in the improvement of quality of life. Some of the pests that invade Australian homes from time to time have the potential to cause serious negative effects not only to the concerned families but also to the economy at large if not kept under control.

Which are the most dominant pests in Australia?

Although there are many different types of pests in Australia, there are a few that present the biggest headache to homeowners.


Top on that list are termites which invade at least 1 in every 4 Australian homes. These are highly destructive and are estimated to cause an average of $8,000 loss to homeowners yet no home insurance policies cover this damage. One of the most commonly used pesticides for termite extermination is Befenthrin – used in both pre-construction barriers and existing buildings.


Another common type of pest is the house mice which is active all year constantly damaging furnishings and damaging food. If left unattended to, mice can spread disease further affecting the host household. Alpha-Chloralose is considered one of the most effective ways to keep mice and other vertebrate pests under control.


Since time immemorial, cockroaches have invaded Australian homes with wall cavities and kitchens providing their perfect hideout. They often crawl out at night and feed on leftovers – this may cause a spread of disease. Boric acid and LambdaStar Ultra 9.7 are some of the recommended chemicals to get rid of roaches.


Wasps are also a common phenomenon. According to Museum Victoria Entomologist Patrick Hona, about 10 per cent of wasp nests survive through winter and thrive into spring. Each nest contains about 30,000 wasps. A generally safe way to deal with wasps is by spraying them with Yates 350g Blitzem Wasp and Nest Killer Insecticide. read more

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What Are Pesticides?

What Are Pesticides?

Learn about Pesticides and Their Use In Modern Society.

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Welcome to SEPA!

Welcome to SEPA!

New Posts from SEPA coming soon

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