Seclira Has Become A Popular Choice For Pest Controllers 

Seclira From BASF Has Become A Popular Choice For Pest Controllers

Industry Spotlight on Seclira

Seclira From BASF

Pest Control has been a rapidly growing industry for quite a while now. Everyone is looking for the next big thing when it comes to keeping the pests out of their homes and yards. Well, that next big thing could be Seclira. Many pest control companies seem to be using it.

Seclira is a lot of firsts for the pest control industry. It is the first non-staining, odorless, broad-spectrum and non-repellent general insect control product.

How Seclira Works

Unlike other pest control substances that are made of sprays or liquids or powders, Seclira from BASF is a granule based pesticide. The granules are mixed inside water and dissolve into an odorless mix that can be used indoors and outdoors.

The first benefit to having the water soluble formulation is that the granules dissolve completely clearly. It’s to the point where you might not even know there were granules of insecticide inside of the water in the first place. However, the dissolving of the insecticide in the water means that there is no stain after the chemical is applied.

Most of the time there is a stain after an indoor or outdoor area is treated with insecticides, but Seclira is clear. No odor, no stain, and aside from a bit of water there is no mess! Additionally, instead of targeting just one type of insect, Seclira attracts and kills several types of insects. This includes spiders, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, and mosquitoes.

Finally, if you have gel bait that is designed to remove ants, cockroaches, and other creatures, you might be a little wary about spraying the area containing the bait with the Seclira spray. However, the spray doesn’t affect the bugs feeding on the gel bait. Therefore, you will get a powerful two for one punch when it comes to killing all those pests!

Non Repellant and Untraceable

One of the problems that other insecticides have is that they repel insects whenever they are used. This might get them out of the infested area, but often times it will also send them into other areas of the home or yard. This will at least let everyone know that you have some type of bug problem.

However, Seclira doesn’t repel pests or remove them from their infested homes so they can go elsewhere. Instead all it does is kill them on contact, and the pesticide spreads as well. For social insects, they will be unaware whenever they are in contact with an insect who has been exposed to Seclira.

Instead, the affected insects will pass on their lethal dosages towards the others. They start a chain reaction that is capable of taking down entire colonies.

Pest Infestation

Preparing Seclira For Use

Follow the directions on the label to mix the correct amount of granules to the correct amount of water. Then shake a bit and allow the granules to resolve. Once the granules have thoroughly dissolved, then you can place it in a spray bottle. Lastly, spray at the affected area.

Also, you won’t need to worry about the mixture going bad, as test results have shown that the dissolved mixture can last for up to a day and a half before becoming ineffective.

Where Can It Be Used?

Seclira is becoming so popular is because of its wide versatility of uses. It doesn’t just kill a wide spectrum of insects, but it also can be used in a wide variety of locations as well. It can also be used in food processing and  pharmaceuticals facilities.  The work is HACCP certified and also is able to be used in precise dosages at precise locations.

For restaurants that might have a bug problem, it can be safely applied to an operational kitchen. It can even kill bugs who might have adapted to any treatment that could have come before. It also comes with no odors or stains, and people can quickly get back to working in affected areas.

The Seclira pest control can be used in several different places. All without any odors, stains, or long lasting effects. What you will get are dead bugs and a much less contaminated work area, which everyone can enjoy.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. Plus, it can be poured or sprayed into hard to reach areas to remove your bug infestation. It only leaves a slight stain where water would stain. Otherwise, it won’t cause any damage to the surface it is applied to.

Seclira Pest Control

It Is Rapidly Being Adopted By Companies

However, while you can buy and use Seclira yourself, it isn’t just limited to your home infestations. If you find that you have a massive bug problem that requires professional help, then you might find your local pest control business is using Seclira too. It’s being rapidly adopted because the benefits are so well known. Plus, there are so many advantages to using Seclira over other pesticide brands. If you see that a pest control company has decided to use Seclira, then make sure to give them a go.

Embrace The Benefits Of Seclira From BASF

If you want a powerful insecticide that will kill all sorts of bugs, then you need to use Seclira. This new product is taking the pest control world by storm and the pests by surprise!

The next time you fight yourself staring down a large infestation of pests in your home, either use Seclira to remove them or make sure your pest control company can use them! By putting this pesticide to the test, you’ll see that all the benefits are real and they can help free your home of the pests that plague it!

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