Pest Control Licencing Australia

Pest Control Licencing Australia

Pest Managmemt License Information

Pest Control Licensing

A pest control licence is required for any individual or group intending to administer pest management services. Pest management technicians are professionals who undertake various pest management activities and treatments as well as fumigations. The treatment is aimed to ward off or destroy any plant, animal or other biological entities that are harmful to an ecosystem, place or different types of structures. Below is an analysis of the requirements of obtaining a pest control license in Australia.

Western Australia

Only skilled applicants can receive permissions and licences from the Western Australia government. Upon completion of the mandatory training competencies, the applicant may then contact the Western Australian department of health (pesticide safety) for application documents. The department also recognises competencies and certificates obtained from other states.

Licenses available

Full technicians licence: issued once all course requirements are satisfied. The full technician’s licence allows the recipient to offer general pest management (including fumigation), timber pest (termite) control services

Provisional technician licence: holders of this licence must work under a full technician`s supervision for a full month (30 days). During this period, the holders must fill a log book within the period to be submitted to the Pesticide Safety department.

Salespersons licence: All salespeople must possess the S.P (sales persons) licence. Holders of the licence are restricted from handling, mixing or applying the pesticides.

Requirements for licence

Complete the various application forms and pay the fees.

For businesses conducted in residential property, you must contact the local government to obtain an approval letter to be submitted to the Health department

Clear display of your organization`s name, initials and registration number on business vehicles.

Learn more from the West Australian Health Department.


The Queensland Department of Health, through its Environmental health section, issues the pest control licences.

Categories of pest control licences in QLD

Pest control licence including timber pests: you must have undergone additional training to enable your licence to include timber pests

Fumigation licence: Applicants must have completed required units(unit 11) in Pest Management Technical which involves asset maintenance.

Single pest management licence: Does not include timber pests. Units 5, 6 and 18 involving Asset maintenance must be completed.

Licence for herbicides: in two main forms, commercial operators, for those operating ground equipment and aerial contractors.

Requirements for a licence

Have the necessary qualification before applying

Satisfy the various financial requirements

Work under a qualified, licenced agency if unskilled at the time of application

Learn more from Queensland Health.

Northern Territory

The pest management licences are issued by the Poison Control Section of the NT Health Department.

Types of licences

Full pest control Operator: allows the holder to perform general pest management, timber pest and termite management services.

Provisional Pest Control licence: Valid for 12 months and holder is not allowed to use schedule 7 pesticides or termiticides. Only registered pesticides may be used.

Fumigation licences: offered separately upon satisfying the various requirements.


Hold a senior 1st Aid certificate

Complete the required units

Complete over 100 hours practical experience for the provisional licence.

Visit the Northern Territory Government Information Services.

South Australia

The licences are issued by the SA Health Department.

Types of licences

Full Pest Management licence: Holder can undertake the general pest management services.

Full Pest Management licence including timber pests: Holders can carry out termite and timber pest services

Fumigation and weed control licence: holders can only perform pest control in fumigation and weed control.

Licence requirements

Fumigation and weed control licence requires the holder to complete the required units in Asset Maintenance

For a Full pest management licence one has to complete units in Asset Maintenance.

Satisfy the required financial requirements

Visit Pest Control Licensing South Australia.

New South Wales

The licences are issued by WorkCover New South Whales

Licences offered

General Pest Management licence: allows the holder to perform timber pest and termite management on top of general pest control services

Fumigation licence: offered separately from the general licence and allows holder to perform various fumigation services according to

Requirements for licencing

Applicants for the general licence must complete the required units in Asset maintenance.

Trainees must work under a licenced technician on top of being enrolled in a course

Fumigation licence holders must satisfy the learning requirements and obtain the required certification.

Visit the Environmental Protection Agency NSW to find out more.


Pest management licences in Victoria are issued by department of health, Victoria. The licences offered are valid for 3 years. The holder must only perform the permitted services listed in the licence

Types of licences

Agricultural Pest and weed control: for persons performing horticultural, pest animal control and agricultural pest services.

Fumigation licence: required as a separate licence for people performing fumigating services.

General Pest control technician: Can perform the general pest control services including timber pests services provided the holder satisfies the academic requirements

Licence requirements

Satisfaction of the required finances

The applicant must complete the coursework

Trainees must work under supervisors and must be over sixteen years.

Learn more from the Victorian Health Department.


The pest management licences are issued by the Tasmanian department of primary industries, Parks, water and environment.

Licence required

Commercial Operators Licence: This is the general licence for pest management services which must be supported by specific Tasmanian Certificates of Competency depending on the work undertaken. For instance, a fumigation certificate of competency is required for persons in the field of fumigation. Relevant course requirements must be satisfied before a licence is issued

Licencing requirements

The applicants for the Commercial Operators Licence must satisfy the required academic standards

Pay the registration or renewal fees

Receive a certificate of competency only upon obtaining a Commercial Operators Licence and specifying the services offered.

Visit the Department of Primary Industries Tasmania to find out more.

Australian Capital Territory

The relevant licences are provided by the Territory and Municipal services. In the Australian Capital Territory, there is no Pest Control licence, individuals interested in carrying out the services for commercial gains must apply for an ACT Environmental Authorization for the specific work performed. However, the form can only be obtained upon satisfying the various training requirements. For fumigation, you will need to complete the relevant coursework, the same for termite or timber pest services

Requirements for approval

Satisfy the relevant coursework (varies for different services).

Pay the required fees

Have relevant experience in the field you are applying for.

Visit Access Canberra for licence information.

If you have any questions regarding pest control licenses please contact the relevant state department to find out more.

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